Visual & Performing Arts

Building the premier arts institution in the West

Visual & Performing Arts at UCCS

Through broad exposure to creative thinking and focused attention from faculty in their own program, VAPA students develop deep collaborations with peers across the performative and visual arts, producing professional projects that launch them into vibrant careers.

About the Department

UCCS is the only university in the US where students in the visual and performing arts receive cutting-edge education and training in their fields of specialization while also benefiting from a department that allows them to articulate their interests, skills, and performances across artistic approaches backed by a strong interdisciplinary curriculum. 

At UCCS, students have opportunities both to participate in professional performances and exhibits and to produce or display their own creative works in world-class facilities. Students participate in multidisciplinary arts festivals where classmates from across the programs work together. These intersections allow our students to generate ideas that simply wouldn't happen in more isolated programs.

VAPA Programs

Our six vibrant programs share a mission to explore interdisciplinarity, creative vision and artistic innovation. Learn more here.

Career Opportunities with VAPA