Apply for the BA in Music at UCCS

Thank you for your interest in the music program at UCCS! 

Our inclusive, broad-based music program encourages students to develop excellence in a variety of musical genres. We welcome students from ALL musical backgrounds and styles to join and contribute to our vibrant community. 

The music program at UCCS offers two degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music (Application Form for the BA Degree in Music required; see below) 
  • Bachelor of Innovation (BI) in Music (no music-specific application required) 
BA in Music—How to Apply 

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music prepares students for varied careers in composition/songwriting, performance, audio engineering, music production, and education. The program is unique for its flexibility—students may create their own paths through a variety of electives in addition to the core curriculum. Students become versatile and competitive in the twenty-first century musical landscape by developing essential skills in musicianship, entrepreneurship, and creative practices. 

The BA program requires an application beyond the general application to UCCS. We encourage students of all musical styles to apply! 

How to apply:  

  1. Apply to UCCS first. You will then be invited to submit materials for the Music BA application before you are admitted to UCCS. 
  2. Prepare recorded musical samples to demonstrate your skill and artistic versatility. Please see details here that correspond to your primary instrument or creative medium.   
  3. Complete the Application for the BA in Music, which will be shared with you by a Co-Director of Music. There you will be asked to submit your musical samples. Video or audio files should be shared as links, either to streaming video or audio (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud, which may be set as “private” links if desired) or to a web-based drive where the files are stored (e.g., Google drive or OneDrive).  

We look forward to hearing your music! 

—Yvonne Wu and Solveig Olsen, Co-Directors in Music