Bachelor of Art - Visual Art Track

Visual & Performing Arts, BA

Visual Art Track

Course Delivery

On Campus

Total Credits

120 Credits

About the Visual Art Program

The undergraduate Visual Art degree program gives students a deep foundation in techniques and history of the visual arts, followed by specialized coursework affording opportunities to develop a professional portfolio in the medium or media of their choice and to exhibit their work during the final year of the BA.

Focus of Study

Students receive a foundation in theory and practice of visual arts techniques, complemented by coursework in the history of visual art.

Upper-division coursework includes both electives and a professionalization core, and the capstone seminar culminates in a Senior Art Show at the downtown Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Visual and Performing Arts - Visual Art requires the following:

  • A minimum of 60 credit hours of VAPA coursework (42 hours of VA coursework, 9 hours of HAVC coursework, 9 hours of VAPA coursework). At least 33 of those hours must be upper division (courses numbered 3000 or higher)
  • A minimum of 9 hours of VAPA Core 1000- and 3000-level courses
  • 2.0 UCCS cumulative GPA and a grade of C or better in every course applied toward the major
  • Residency: Last 30 credit hours of degree must be completed while registered in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences at UCCS 

Program Coursework

Department Core 9 Credit Hours
  • Any VAPA 1000-level course (3 credit hours)
    Note: VAPA 1100 is highly recommended.
  • Any two VAPA 3000-level courses (6 credit hours).
Visual Art Core 12 Credit Hours
  • VA 1010 - 2D Foundations
  • VA 1020 - 3D Foundations
  • VA 1030 - Digital Foundations
  • VA 1040 - Drawing Foundations
History of Art & Visual Culture Core 3 Credit Hours
  • HAVC 1001 - Global Visual Culture: 1300-Present
Visual Art 2000-level Electives 9 Credit Hours
  • Complete any three 2000-level electives in Visual Art
Visual Art Upper-division Electives 15 Credit Hours
  • Complete any 5 upper-division (3000+ level) electives in Visual Art
History of Art & Visual Culture Upper-division Electives 3 Credit Hours
  • Complete one upper-division (3000+ level) elective from History of Art & Visual Culture
Professionalization Core/Capstone 9 Credit Hours
  • HAVC 3860 Contemporary Art (must be taken with VA 3980)
  • VA 3980 Seminar in Studio Problems (must be taken with HAVC 3860)
  • VA 4980 Professional Seminar

For additional details regarding the program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Details

To learn more about admission requirements and the application process, please visit the UCCS Admissions page.

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