Art History Curriculum

Art History

Art History Curriculum

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Students intending to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Visual & Performing Arts with an Art History option must complete 60 credit hours: 36 in Art History, 6 in Visual Art, 9 in VAPA, and 9 within another VAPA option for the Cross-Disciplinary component.

Art History Concentration: 60 credits from area requirements listed below

Art History Core Requirements: 9 credits
Art History Lower Division Requirements: 9 credits
Art History Upper Division Requirements: 21 credits

NOTE: The upper division courses must be distributed among four different areas of study:

Ancient Cultures, Mesoamerican Art, the Medieval World, Asian Art (Japan), Islamic Art & Architecture , Art of Africa, North American Native Arts, Renaissance & Baroque Art of Europe, Arts of the Pacific Rim, Modern European or American Art, African American Art, Public Art & Architecture, History of Women in the Arts, Art of the Contemporary Period, and Current Issues in Art History.

Visual Art Requirements: 6 credits
VAPA Requirements: 9 credits
Cross-Disciplinary Lower Division Requirements: 3 credits
Cross-Disciplinary Upper Division Requirements: 3 credits
Art History Minor Requirements: minimum 18 credits