Film Studies Curriculum


Film Studies Curriculum

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The Film Studies option in the Visual and Performing Arts major is devoted to the study of film as a multicultural and transnational artistic discipline. The emphasis of this track is on film history, theory, and analysis. The department provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the moving image, which prepares the student for graduate programs in advanced film and media study or as a component to filmmaking. The Film Studies minor enriches many academic subjects and majors with its critical

Film Studies Concentration: 54 credits from area requirements listed below

Students intending to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts with a Film Studies option must complete 54 credit hours: 36 in Film Studies, 12 in VAPA, and 6 within another VAPA option for a Cross-Disciplinary component.

Lower Division Requirements: 6 credits
National Cinema Requirements: 6 credits
Director/Thematic Genre Requirements: 3 credits
Theory: 3 credits
Practical Course Requirements: 3 credits
Upper Division Electives: 15 credits
VAPA Requirements: 9 credits
Cross-Disciplinary Lower Division Requirements: 3 credits
Film Studies Minor requirements: 18 credits (6 hours required lower division and 12 hours upper division)