Lifelong Musicianship: Where Musical Traditions Meet Innovation 

The UCCS Music Program connects long-standing musical traditions with twenty-first-century interdisciplinary practices and innovative approaches. Our program welcomes students from all musical backgrounds including instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers trained in classical, jazz, rock, popular music  or non-western traditions; electronic musicians; and music creators from all walks of life.

Students—both music majors and non-majors—can take courses in performance, composition, electronic music, audio engineering and production, business and entrepreneurship, music history and ethnomusicology, and interdisciplinary arts. Opened in 2018, the Ent Center for the Arts provides state-of-the-art facilities for all aspects of music creation. In addition, our students have numerous opportunities to collaborate creatively across the arts in Film, Dance, Game-Design, Theatre, and Visual Arts. 

We offer a broad range of instrumental and vocal ensembles for both majors and non-majors and are particularly dedicated to enabling opportunities for musicians across the campus. 

Our world-class, internationally celebrated faculty are particularly dedicated to individual training, career development, and a supportive community. Both students and faculty create new intersections across music and the arts, humanities, national sciences, social sciences, and technology, unveiling new possibilities for music as a vibrant, influential field in the 21st Century. We are particularly dedicated to addressing the issues of our time addressing diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our curriculum and  by critically responding to our present-day environments to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Degrees Offered  

Bachelor of Arts in Music (new, fall 2022) 

By audition (see audition page) 

The new Bachelor of Arts in Music at UCCS is a professional degree integrating performance, composition, and music technology and is modeled for high-level musicians from all traditions. Addressing the present-day world of music, this innovative degree structure enables students to carve out their own personal paths as performers and / or composers, music technologists, scholars, sound artists and others.  With a strong liberal arts focus, students are encouraged to develop their knowledge and skill sets as innovators, creating new connections across the arts beyond.

Bachelor of Innovation in Music 

The Bachelor of Innovation in Music is a cross-disciplinary program that combines music, engineering and business to prepare students for a variety of careers in the broad spectrum of music including performance, composition, recording arts, and the global business world. 

Music Minor Degrees

We also offer five options for the music minor: 

  • General Music Minor
  • Composition & Sound Design 
  • Creative Music Performance 
  • Music Technology 
  • Contemporary Music History

Please explore our website pages which contain comprehensive information for both incoming and continuing students!